TeethToday® dental specialists provide dental implant patients with exceptional care, focused on immediate teeth replacement with implant dentistry.

TeethToday® Patients in Their Own Words

1. TeethToday® doctors are surgical specialists in either periodontics or oral and maxillofacial surgery. Both of these dental specialties are recognized by the American Dental Association.

2. TeethToday® doctors are either board certified in their specialty or educationally qualified for board certification.

3. TeethToday® doctors have collectively placed over 100,000 dental implants.

4. TeethToday® doctors are leaders. They frequently lecture nationally and internationally to other dentists to help their colleagues stay on the leading edge of dental implant treatment.

5. TeethToday® doctors conduct or participate in scientific research studies in implant dentistry, including permanent dentures, and they have written books and peer-reviewed articles to help disseminate their knowledge.

6. TeethToday® Dental Implant Centers have attractive, state-of-the art facilities with advanced technology to provide modern care in a calm, comfortable setting. Change to: same sentence but change this part: modern care, including same day dental implants, in a calm, comfortable setting.

7. TeethToday® doctors work with excellent treatment coordinators and other staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and will help make your treatment and follow up as pleasant as possible. The treatment coordinators will also discuss available financial options to keep the cost of dental implants reasonable through monthly payment programs.

8. TeethToday® doctors offer you an individualized replacement teeth treatment plan to provide you with new teeth in one day that addresses your specific needs, not a cookie-cutter approach. Change to: same sentence but instead of new teeth in one day it should read: new teeth in a day.

9. TeethToday® doctors collaborate with other outstanding restorative dentists and other specialists.

10. TeethToday® doctors provide follow-up and maintenance procedures, long after your treatment is completed ensuring your results stay healthy, comfortable and good-looking.

11. TeethToday® doctors have extensive training and experience in various types of anesthesia modalities to keep you relaxed and comfortable during procedures.

12. TeethToday® doctors are easily accessible to you. At the time of your initial, free consultation, you will meet with a treatment coordinator who will give you information about dental implants. You will also have an opportunity to meet the doctor, who may take an x-ray at no charge to you. You will also be provided with possible treatment options and a range of fees to address the cost of dental implants.

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