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same day dental implants

By age 50, the average American has lost 12 teeth (National Institute of Health statistic). People live with gaps, bridges, dentures, sunken faces, and an inability to chew food properly or to eat many of the foods they like. They can’t even smile without being ashamed. These problems compromise their quality of life on a daily basis.

What does immediate loading / immediate function mean?

Removable partial denture can cause damage to existing teeth and gums. The TeethToday® Center is among a few Dental Implant Centers offering Immediate Load / Immediate Function procedures for replacing missing teeth. With this time and cost savings procedure, a high resolution 3D CAT scan is used with virtual planning software to plan and facilitate the design and fabrication of both the temporary and final replacement teeth. To save on treatment time, this procedure is completed after the initial consultation with the patient and before the scheduled implant placement itself.

TeethToday® is the name of this innovative dental procedure during which a patient is given new teeth supported by dental implants, with the entire procedure being completed in 1 or 2 office visits within a 24 hour time period. The procedure uses what is called the immediate load technique where the new provisional tooth and the implant post are placed during the same procedure or within one day. Patients will never leave our office without teeth.

Why consider immediate loading or TeethToday® dental implants?
Removable dentures or other dental appliances are frequently uncomfortable, even painful, ill fitting and sometimes will just sit on a shelf at home. Removable appliances can cause bone loss (atrophy) and gum recession. These dental appliances are often difficult to keep clean which can result in a bacteria infested environment that can lead to infections, bad breath, more root canals and weaker teeth that may fracture and lead to subsequent tooth loss. Dental appliances often have an unnatural appearance too, which is why they are known as "false teeth."

Most people take dining in restaurants or kissing someone you love for granted. Individuals with dental appliances, such as removable dentures, know that intimate situations or social dining can be a frequent cause of embarrassment. In addition, these appliances may even make it difficult to speak clearly enough for you to be understood by your family, friends and business associates.

For denture wearers all these normal, everyday experiences are rarely discussed -- it is almost taboo or too awkward to approach these subjects with your family or friends. You just learn to live with the shame, indignity and humiliation of a mouth that has betrayed you. If this sounds like your life then now is your opportunity to take control of your mouth with the help of TeethToday®.

Whether you have failing teeth, bad teeth, removable appliances, fixed bridges, old dental implants, or you need to replace a single-tooth, multiple teeth or even a full mouth of teeth TeethToday® will make you feel like a whole person again. Your smile will make you look like the person you remember seeing in the mirror or the person you always wanted to see.

Believe it or not, TeethToday® makes it possible for you to walk into our office with missing teeth and leave with a completely new set of beautiful teeth. In one day. Believe It!

Everyone Leaves with Teeth

Can I really walk out of the office with NEW teeth and actually go out and eat with them right away?

Yes. In both clinical research and in our dental practice we have successfully used our TeethToday® procedure to provide patients aged 16 to 100+ with new teeth. The doctors at the TeethToday® Dental Implant Center are some of the world leaders in using this revolutionary technology!

Our patients have shared with us their success stories of what walking out of our offices with permanent teeth has meant to them. Being able to eat their favorite foods again. You can carefully eat immediately and you can take a bite out of that delicious apple in a few weeks. Click Here to link to our Smile Gallery to find some of our patients success stories. TeethToday® smile tomorrow.

This prosthesis is used in special situations for patients who have enough bone in the anterior regions of the lower or upper jaws, but limited amount of bone in the posterior regions and are not candidates for extensive bone grafting.

Benefits of All on Four Implants

Implant Benefits

Restored self-esteem and renewed self-confidence. Our patients who now enjoy the benefits of their new implant supported replacement teeth talk openly about their restored self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of a younger appearance, ability to eat the foods they want, increased comfort, and improved overall health.

Immediate results. With TeethToday®, failing teeth can be immediately replaced with new implants and restorations in one procedure, the same day. This streamlines treatment, saving time, money and anxiety while improving the quality of the final results. TeethToday® offers dramatic improvement in chewing ability, security and overall comfort.

Improved appearance. Since implants preserve bone, preventing deterioration of the facial structures, appearance is improved. When all the natural teeth are severely compromised or missing, there is nothing left in the jawbone to stimulate bone growth, the body senses that the jawbone is no longer necessary and begins to dissolve it away. This results in facial collapse.

After about ten years, it often becomes difficult to wear a denture because there is little bone left to support it. This results in the lips folding in, and the lower face shriveling up (witches chin) with wrinkles around the mouth (marionette lines) showing a much older looking person. With dental implants, the appearance of these wrinkles caused by posterior bite collapse, or complete facial structure collapse is virtually eliminated.

Remove the embarrassment factor. Implant supported replacement teeth never have to come out, not for daily cleaning, not for home care hygiene maintenance (brushing and flossing), nor even during a hospital visit or other medical exam. They are permanent. Just like your new smile.

The mouth is restored as closely as possible to its natural state. By replacing the entire tooth, including the root, it is possible to replicate the function of natural teeth, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. In addition, nothing in the mouth looks or feels artificial. Dental implants are the closest thing we have to our natural teeth.

Your smile is improved when replacement teeth look more like natural teeth. Even when only one tooth is missing, long term aesthetics are usually much better with an implant supported replacement tooth than with a traditional tooth supported bridge. This is particularly important in the front of your mouth, where preventing a visible bone defect is critical for natural appearance. learn more

Healthy adjacent teeth are not destroyed to replace missing teeth. Tooth replacement with traditional tooth-supported bridges requires grinding down the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth, so that the bridge can be cemented onto them and into place. This tooth structure can never be replaced and the long-term health of these “prepared” teeth is compromised. Partial dentures have clasps that hook onto adjacent teeth, putting pressure on the adjacent teeth as the partial rocks back and forth. Eventually these teeth can loosen and fail as a result of this unnatural pressure. Replacing missing teeth with implant supported crowns/bridges does not involve the adjacent natural teeth, so they are not compromised, damaged or destroyed.

Overall quality of life is enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. With implant supported replacement teeth, the appearance of the smile is more natural and the teeth function more like natural teeth. The result is increased comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. If dentures and partials are replaced with implant supported teeth, the overall enhancement in quality of life is even more significant, with an ability to eat all types of foods, elimination of messy adhesives, and improved speech, comfort and appearance.

If removable dentures and partials are replaced with implant supported fixed bridges, the overall enhancement in quality of life is even more significant.

  • Your eating habits will improve
  • Messy and potentially toxic adhesives used to hold dentures in place are eliminated
  • Unsightly destructive metal clasps common with partial dentures, which tend to damage adjacent teeth and gums are now non-existent.

Failing teeth can cause other health issues. It is well documented that periodontal disease is a bacterially induced chronic infection and inflammatory disease that does not resolve by itself. Unchecked, inflammation and infection contributes to heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Dentists and cardiologists have long known that neglecting your teeth can lead to more than just a toothache. Scientific studies indicate there is a link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. It has been shown that improving poor oral health can actually improve your overall health.

Convenient oral hygiene. Caring for an implant supported crown is the same as caring for natural teeth; however, it is one of the most frequently overlooked ingredients in implant success. It is recommended that you visit your dentist or the TeethToday® Center hygienist for maintenance and check-ups at regular intervals. These periodic visits will help keep your replacement teeth healthy for many years to come. minimize

Meet our patients. Be one of the many who now enjoy the benefits of implant supported replacement teeth. As a result of improved appearance, comfort and health, our patients’ stories tell of how their lives have changed and their quality of life simply made better. See for yourself. Click on this Smile Gallery link.