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All-on-Four (AO4) is a procedure for replacing all the teeth in a jaw with replacement teeth that are anchored by four implants. An implant-supported bridge attaches to these four specifically placed implants and is just as effective as being supported by many more implants using a non-AO4 technique. The results lower cost, less chair time, shorter healing time, fewer grafting procedures, fewer complications, higher success and a faster result. 

 At the TeethToday Dental Implant Centers, we recommend the most cost effective tooth replacement procedure that is appropriate for you.

*All- on- Four is registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

Why Do You Recommend Only 4 Implants Per Jaw with the All-on-Four Procedure?

All-on-4 is a treatment method and may be done with as many implants as needed, typically 4 to 6 per arch. The exact number and design depends on your needs and bone structure. Often, 4 implants are sufficient, but not always. All-on-4 is not for everyone, but can spell relief for tens of thousands of denture wearers or individuals who have generalized deterioration, overnight. The research and scientific documented studies and clinical success with the All-on-4 procedure allow for the back two implants to be angled slightly, giving as much support as multiple implant placements.