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A provisional restoration, commonly referred to as the implant-supported temporary bridge, is fabricated using acrylic or composite resin (tooth colored plastics) the day of implant placement. These plastics are easily manipulated materials which are used to replace your teeth and simulate the final permanent restoration while the healing process is taking place. They are strong enough for you to start your active life again. Provisional restorations may not have molars on them to limit the amount of force that can be applied to the healing implants. The provisional is designed to last six-twelve months.

Your final restoration is made using a titanium or Zirconia ceramic framework for strength, and is placed about 4-6 months post-operatively. These restorations typically have a couple more teeth than the provisionals and generally include molars. This restoration allows for extra support and long-term form and function for your permanent teeth. The teeth themselves are made from acrylic, composite or porcelain but it is the underlying framework which gives the strength. The final restorations will be adapted to your new smile, look great and will act like your natural teeth for a lifetime.